Winter Wonderland in Romania

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It does not last long but when it comes, it’s magical! We are talking about the real winter with lots of sparkling snow, frosty trees, frozen lakes and shining sun. It is real Winter Wonderland in Romania! Winter fascinates us and we love the activities that you can enjoy during the white season in Romania. So we are ready to share our favorite things with our guests, during the guided private tours in Romania:

Snowshoeing during winter in Romania

Going up in the mountains using snow shoes is way easier than hiking. This way you can enjoy the trail more and take the time (and breathe) to take photos, talk to your friends. Or simply listen to the sound of the snow under your shoes.

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The winter food in Romania

The traditional Romanian winter food is very consistent and delicious: smoked ham, sausages, different canned veggies, polenta with cheese, wine… and the famous plum brandy. You get the point. After a meal like this, you will need some exercise.

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Lower prices

Winter is not the peak season for tourism in Romania so the costs for traveling are smaller. Starting with the airplane tickets to Romania.

Photography tours in Romania

During winter, the sky is clear and the views are even more beautiful. So if you have an interes in photography, you should book your private guided tour now. We will take you to the best places and show you great subjects for pictures.

Not crowded

If you want to visit the main tourist attractions, winter is the low season so you will be able to enjoy Bran Castle for example, at your own pace, and other great activities.

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